Clients often wonder how they can continue feeling so good after we resolve the initial complaint. Especially is their issues are caused by their occupation or sport they regularly take part in i.e. Working at an office job is causing back and neck pain or playing tennis on the weekend is bringing back tennis elbow.  Regular Bowen will keep these issues in check. I have a client that comes regularly because her job is giving her stress and anxiety.

Sometimes we don’t realise that something is affecting our lives so much until you start to feel better. The body is really good at getting used to aches and pains and you forget how amazing it feels have these issues resolved. It’s not until you eat healthier you realise how amazing you feel eating healthy whole foods. It’s not until you exercise you realise how amazing exercise feels. It’s the same with Bowen Therapy! You will realise how amazing can feel when you get regular Bowen. I know from clients that have missed a session for some reason or another, they are begging to get back in as soon as they can.

There will always be chronic issues that cannot be permanently resolved by Bowen Therapy. For example, if you had a herniated disc in you lower back that is causing sciatica pain. A herniated disc will not resolve it without surgery. You can however get regular Bowen to help maintain the body balance and alleviate the sciatica pain as it pops back up again.  You may have a chronic illness that requires medication, as Bowen therapists we would never give advice on medication, however we can give you treatments that can help your body cope with the illness in a better way or help you deal with the side effects that may have from your medications.

It is also an idea not to wait until you’re all the way back to a 10 of 10 on the pain scale before you come back in for a treatment. Try to return as soon at the issue starts to arise again. For example, don’t wait until your lower back is so sore that you can hardly walk. Make the appointment as soon as the lower back starts to ache or feel tight and restricted. This way we can get you back to balance in one or 2 sessions not 3 or more.

As a Bowen client you will soon learn to listen to your body and pick up on the early signals of feeling off balance within your body. I think it is important to listen to our bodies more as they are telling us where we have imbalances.